This Homeowner Is Accepting Bitcoin For His $6.4 Million Miami Home – Celebrity Net Worth


A few years ago, Mike Komaransky decided he would make a small purchase each time a new retailer began to accept Bitcoin as payment. He aimed to show his confidence in the emerging digital currency.

“I bought a bunch of stupid T-shirts and a sushi key ring that probably ended up costing like $50,000 worth of Bitcoin [in today’s terms],” said Komaransky, who previously worked for a Chicago trading firm. “To start an economy from nothing and to make it the world economy, there have to be some intermediate steps.”

In 2014, he took his actions a step further when he decided when the time came to sell his recently acquired seven-bedroom residence that he would give buyers the option of paying via Bitcoin.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

“I wanted to show people that real-world goods and services are payable in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash,” he explained.

The $6.4 million home, located in Miami‘s exclusive Ponce Davis neighborhood, hit the market in early August. And the listing agents, Carol Cassis and…

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